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This page is devoted to offering educational resources for the public regarding child pornography. FOE CP provides presentation material for use by researchers, educators, counselors, law enforcement, and policy makers for educating the public about child pornography.  The presentations are provided in Microsoft Power Point format.  The material is categorized into unique, 5-10 minute lecture modules. The user can customize his/her own presentation by adding any combination of modules.  Each presentation page within a module includes a note page to assist the presenter with discussing what is displayed. 

Click on any link below to download a FOE CP presentation:

Victim Empathy Poster, with notes page

Eradication of Child Erotica and Pornography on the Internet

Child Erotica: The “Gateway Drug” to Child Pornography

Impacts on Victims of Child Pornography

Evolution of Child Erotica Image Severity over Time

Statistics of Child Pornography Possessors




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